Fishing in February

Normal winters in Montana can usually be described with colder temperatures and plenty of snow. These normal conditions provide residents and visitors with ample recreational opportunities like skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. Unfortunately this year, Montana has experienced anything but a normal winter so far. As an avid snowmobiler,  I have been a first hand victim of this years unorthodox winter. But people shouldn’t get discouraged because there still great recreational opportunities in Montana during this snow-less winter.

Most people associate fishing in Montana with the nice warm days of summer. With this years seasonally warm winter, I have taken it upon myself to test the waters with rod and reel. Residing in the southwest part of the state, I checked the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks regulations and discovered several fishing access sites open year-round. With a valid fishing license in hand, I was soon out on the water knocking em dead.

Now even though temperatures in the 40’s doesn’t provide for the greatest fishing conditions, it can still be a lot of fun and the fishing can be great. If you can find some good winter clothes and brave the conditions a little bit, fishing in February can be excellent.

Just because there isn’t much snow this winter for skiing or snowmobiling, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself outdoors. Here at Montana Western Properties, we have several river front properties that can be used recreationally not only during the summer, but during mild winters like this year also.