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Montana Decoy

Montana Decoy

Montana Decoy offers a wide range of hunting decoys. If you are looking for big game animals or predators this company has the product for you.

These decoys are unique. They are one-dimensional fabric decoys with a photo image incorporated onto both sides of the durable polyester fabric. Each decoy from Montana Decoys comes with a shock-corded fiberglass stake, which inserts easily into a “channel” sewn into the fabric decoy. Set-up takes mere seconds, an important feature when hunting. The decoys are remarkably realistic, enhanced even more by their ability to be blown by the wind, mimicking real-life movement; something heavier decoys are not always capable of.

Lithia Montana

Lithia Motors

Lithia Motors dealerships sell new and used  cars, trucks and SUVs in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, North Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Iowa, and Texas. When you are ready to buy, take advantage of Lithia’s partnerships with nation wide lenders to finance your auto. Lithia Motors is your full-service, Dodge/Chrysler/Chevrolet dealer. Lithia makes it easy for you to find the vehicle that is just right for you!